PMSG is the consulting practice of Curt Francis, an experienced senior executive at leading Silicon Valley technology companies.

His practice focuses on helping companies grow and deal with the challenges of increased size and business complexity. 

Curt's experience includes success in senior operating and strategic roles, including:

  • Strategy and corporate development, M&A and strategic partnerships
  • Product development/engineering/R&D
  • Business process and organization structure improvement 
  • Strategic marketing
  • Corporate and operational finance
  • Information technology


Curt has indeed "been there, done that".  

He also has extensive experience in teaching, corporate training, and executive coaching, ensuring that he can help teams to implement lasting change.  

PMSG’s pragmatic approach differs from traditional consultants in that it is 

  • Focused on making strategy link to execution.
  • Based on lessons learned in a successful executive career in both strategy formulation and operational execution. 
  • Experienced in assessing and dealing with misalignment among elements of operations, the "moving parts".
  • Analytically rigorous yet pragmatic. 
  • Process-oriented, but “just enough”.
  • Able to train teams and coach executives for increasing responsibilities. 

We keep solutions as simple as possible, and only as complicated as necessary.  


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