Page Mill Strategy Group

Strategic Planning

Objectivity and Process

Understand how customers make choices, feature/price/technology tradeoffs

Pinpoint emerging segments and trends, requirements for success.

Understand economics of technology shifts.

Market and Competitor Analyses

Fitted for your needs, your capabilities.

As relaxed as possible, as formal as needed.

Custom planning processes

We can act as a facilitator for your team,  leveraging their content knowledge in a focused process.


We can act independently, giving you an objective view of opportunities and markets.

We can guide your team or act independently


Assess condition and opportunities for core business

A Fact-Based and Process-Driven Approach to Strategic Planning

Understand attractive adjacencies or new business opportunities

Assess impact of new technologies on core and emerging businesses.

Initial segment focus.

Point of competitive advantage.

Investment required.

Business plan with metrics.

Market entry strategy